MELONİ Sarı Mamülleri İmalat Sanayi A.Ş. has created a wide fan base by adding new models every year to the line that it has launched in yellow brass arts and door accessories and bathroom accessories sector; since 1992.

We base not to compromise the quality of our products, we use DIN 17660-MS 58 brass as raw material. Coloring ELECTROSTATIC POWDER PAINT, with the ELECTRO-PASSIVATION system, brass and gold-plated products are passivated against corrosion.


Chrome plated products 0.03-0.5 micron, nickel plated products 10-15 micron, gold plated products 0.05-0.1 micron thick and gold plates are 24 carats. All products are covered with 8-10 micron lacquer by ALBRILAC system as ELECTRO-FORETIC. We also give our products 20 years warranty by the PVD coating.


In our products, the importance we give to quality is approved by TSE (TS EN 1906 / 22.05.2008) certificate.


We offer MELONI products to all our friends and customers.

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